google bigquery training

Dwbiadda offering Google Bigquery Training

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Bigquery intro

  1. Introduction to Google bigquery
  2. Creating a GCP account
  3. Setting up 12 months of free Bigquery account *
  4. Launch Bigquery console
  5. Overview of Bigquery console
  6. Access to public data sets in Bigquery

Bigquery Architecture

  1. Query Engine
  2. Storage
  3. Metadata

Data types in Bigquery     

SQL Queries

  1. Basic sql queries
  2. Filters
  3. Numeric types and function
  4. Working with Boolean
  5. String functions
  6. Date functions
  7. Cast functions
  8. case statements
  9. Aggregations
  10. Different types of joins
  11. Window functions

Loading data into Bigquery

  1. Creating a table
  2. Copying data into new table
  3. Load data from csv file
  4. Load data from avro file
  5. Update data in Bigquery
  6. Delete data in bigquery
  7. How to create CTE
  8. How to create a materialized view

Advanced topics

  1. Bigquery command line executions
  2. How to save queries
  3. How to share queries/give access to queries
  4. How to query Mysql table from Bigquery console
  5. How to query Postgresql table from Bigquery console
  6. How to read bigquery tables using pyspark
  7. How to query bigquery tables using python
  8. How to load Google sheets data into bigquery
  9. How to query data from Bigtable
  10. How to parameterize sql queries
  11. How to create UDF’s in bigquery
  12. How to create trained dataset in bigquery
  13. How to train and evaluate model in bigquery
  14. Time travel in bigquery
  15. Life cycle of a Query
  16. Scheduling
  17. Download query results to Gdrive

Performance tuning

  1. How to create partitions in bigquery
  2. How to create clustering in a table
  3. When to use partitions and clustering to improve performance of query