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Course Syllabus

Tableau Course Content

Chapter ? I: The Tableau Environment

The Tableau Workspace

1. Data Window

2. Toolbar, Status Bar

3. Tooltips, Shelves

4.Reorganizing the Workspace

5. Workbooks and Sheets

6. Changing the Repository Location

Chapter ? II Connect to Data

Connecting Data

1.How to Connect to a Data Source

2.Connect Live/Import

3.Editing a Connection

4.Replace Data Source

5.Replacing Field References

6.Renaming the Connection

7.Duplicating the Connection

8.Refreshing the Data

9.Closing the Connection

10.Clipboard Data Sources

11.Number of Records

12.Latitude and Longitude,

13.Measure Names, values

Data Types and Roles

1.Data Types (String, Numeric, date, date & Time, geo dim, boolean )

2.Data Roles (Dim, Mes, Para, Sets)

Joining Tables

1.Adding Tables

2.Editing Tables

3. Custom SQL

Working with Multiple Sources

1. Understanding Data Blending

2.Adding a Secondary Connection

3.Defining/Edit Relationships

Data Window Features and Functions

1. Folders

2. Sort

3. Find Fields

4. Rename Fields

5. Combine Fields

6. Hide or Unhide Fields

7. Add Fields to the Data Window (calculation field)

Editing Field Properties


2. Aliases

3. Hierarchies






9. Grouping


11. Aggregation & Disaggregation

Chapter ? III: Building Data Views

Parts of the View

1.Headers, Axes

2.Panes, Cells, Marks Card

3.Mark Borders

4.Titles, Captions

5.Field Labels


Building Views Manually

1.Dragging Fields

2.Shelves and Cards

3.Example - Building Data Views Manually

Building Views Automatically

1.Show Me

2.Add to Sheet: Double-Click

All Views ? 24 Types


1.Adding Filters

2.Sharing Filters

3.Context Filters


1.Filter Actions

2.Highlight Actions

3.URL Actions

4.Running Actions

5.Actions on work sheets and Dashboards

6.Using Field and Filter Values in Actions

Chapter ? IV: Advanced Analysis


1.Calculated Fields

2.Table Calculations

3.Binned Data

4.Totals, Percentages