python online course

Course Syllabus

python online course

1. Python Over view

1. Introduction about Python

2. A brief walk though about python in current work space

3. History of Python

4. Strength and Weakness

5. Different Versions

6. Installing Python

7. Setting up in local environment


9. Executing from file, command line from interactive mode

10. Python Identifiers and reserved key words

2. Python Syntax

1. Variables and Variables type

2. Data types

3. Data Types Conversion

4. Operators [Arithmetic, Comparison, Assignment, Bitwise, Logical, Membership, Identity]

5. Operators Precedence

6. Python Decision making [if, el if, else, nested if]

7. Python loops [while, for, nested loops]

8. Break and continue statements

3. Python Collections or Sequence

a. Sequence introduction

b. Number operations