Python Data Science

python data science training

Course Syllabus

Python Data Science Training

Core and Advanced Python

  1. Getting started with python
  2. Installing Python3
  3. Running python programs
  4. Datatype & Variables
  5. Python numbers
  6. Python Strings
  7. Python Lists
  8. Python Dictionaries
  9. Python Tuples
  10. Datatype conversion
  11. Python Control Statements
  12. Python Functions
  13. Python Loops
  14. Python Mathematical Function
  15. Python Generating Random numbers
  16. Python File Handling
  17. Python Object and Classes
  18. What is if __name__ == ??__main__? ??
  19. Python Operator Overloading
  20. Python inheritance and polymorphism
  21. Python Exception Handling
  22. Python Modules
  23. Python String Formatting

MatPlotLib - Charts, Plots and 3D Figures!

i. Intro to MatPlotLib

ii. First Graph!

iii. Understanding the MatPlotLib Interface

iv. Graph Labels

v. Creating a Graph from a File

vi. Understanding SubPlots and Figures

vii. Coloring of Graph

viii. Multiple Plots in a Graph

ix. Multiple Graphs in a Figure

x. What about 3 graphs

xi. Bar Graphs Intro

xii. Modifying our Bar Graph

xiii. Pie Chart Intro

xiv. Modifying our Pie Chart

xv. Adding a Legend

xvi. 3D Graphics Intro

xvii. 3D Scatter Plots

xviii. Multiple 3D Scatter Plots

xix. 3D Bar Graphs

xx. 3D Wireframes

Data Analysis with Pandas!

a) Intro to Pandas

b) Series Data Structure

c) Series Continuation

d) Data Frames Intro

e) Creating a CSV

f) Reading a CSV

g) Writing to a CSV

h) Getting our Data

i) Slicing Data Frames

j) Data Manipulation

k) Indexing and More

l) Merging Data Frames

m) GroupBy Function

n) MovieLens Data

o) Heavy Data Analysis

p) MatPlotLib with Pandas

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