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PEGA Training

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Introduction to PRPC

Understand the term work, worktype and work item

Understand BPM Elements

Explain Process Commanders 6R's

Recognize the Types of Business Appliations that are suitable for PRPC


Introduction to User Portals

Understand the features of the User and Manager Portals

Understand how work is processed

Explore features of the Purchase request application


Introduction to Designer Studio

Understand the Designer Studio Capabilities and menu options

Understand the Whats happening features

Understand and use the search gadget

Use the Pega button to navigate to landing pages

Understand and use the application explorer


Introduction to Fields and Data Elements

Describe how properties are used in an application

Find and work with properties

create simple properties in an application

Examine the properties in an application


Introduction to UI and Form Design

Find and open th esection rules associated with your application

Modify a section rule


Introduction to Process Definition

Understand the flow rule

Find, open, and edit and existing flow rule

Understand commonly used flow shapes

Understand and edit a flow action rules

Execute a change to the User Interface

Insert a decision shape into a flow

Find where you are in the execution of a flow


Introduction to Business Rules