Informatica Online Training in hyderabad

Course Syllabus

Informatica PowerCenter Online Training

Introduction to Data Warehousing

What is Data Warehousing

Who needs Data Warehouse

Why Data Warehouse is required

What is difference between Database and Data Warehouse

Types of Warehouse Systems



Data Warehouse Life Cycles

Data Warehouse Architecture


Integration Layer

Staging Area



Different Types of Data Warehouse Approaches

Top Down Approach

Bottom up Approach

Difference between Top-Down and Bottom up Approach

Definition of Data Mart

Different types of DataMarts

Difference between Data Mart and Data Warehouse

Data Modeling

What is DataModeling

Different Types of Data Modeling

What is Meant by Dimension Table

What is E-R Modeling

What is Dimension Modeling

Different types of Dimension Modeling

Star Schema

Snow flake Schema

Galaxy Schema

What is Meant by Fact Table

What is Meant by Granularity

Types of Fact Tables

Additive Fact

Non Additive Fact

Semi Additive Fact

What is Meant by Fact Less Fact Table

Types of Dimension Tables

Confirmed Dimension

Junk Dimension

Dirty Dimension

Degenerative Dimension

Introduction To Informatica PowerCenter

Introductionto Informatica

Informatica Architecture

InformaticaClient Tools

Informatica Designer

Informatica Work Flow Designer

Informatica Workflow Monitor

Informatica Repository

ODBC Connections in Informatica

Power Center Designer Tool

Source Analyser

Target Analyser

Transformation Developer

Mapping Designer

Mapplet Designer

Types of Transformations

Source Qualifier Transformation

Filter Transformation

Joiner Transformation

Expression Transformation

Lookup Transformation

Sorter Transformation

Aggregation Transformation

Rank Transformation

Union Transformation

Router Transformation

Sequencer Transformation

Router Transformation

Update Strategy Transformation

Normalizer Transformation

Stored Procedure Transformation

Transaction Process Control Process

Implementation of Slowly Changing Dimensions

Slowly Changing Dimension Type-1

Slowly Changing Dimension Type-2

Slowly Changing Dimension Type-3

Informatica Workflow Manager



Work let

Workflow Task

Scheduling Workflow

Batch Process

Informatica Advanced Topics

Implementation of Mapplet

User Define Functions


Mapping Parameters

Mapping Variables


Target Load Plan

Worklet implementation

Workflow running using PMCMD and PMREP

Datatype Conversions

Link Conditions