Informatica Administration

Informatica administration online training

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Informatica administration online training

Module 1: Introduction to Informatica Administration

1. Product Overview, Architectural Overview

2. Review of the Product Client Components

3. Basic Administration, Change Management Roles & Responsibilities

Module 2: Administration and Setup of Grid Environment

1. Installing Grid Servers

2. Discussion on Upgrading Servers in the Grid

3. File sharing across the Grid

4. Load balancing & high Availability

5. Best Practices for Administrators to Enforce with Developers

Module 3: Working with informatica repository

a. Create and configure repository service

b. Managing repository

c. Backup

d. Repository restore after failure

e. Restoring and backup and upgrade of repository contents

Module 4 : Working with informatica Domain

1. Domain Page

2. Managing Domain

3. Running domain reports

4. Domain Object Export and Import

5. Domain backup and restore.

6. Starting and shutting down

Module 5 : Repository and Object Migration

a. Deploying via XML

b. Deploying via Scratch Repositories

c. Object "Copying", hints, pitfalls and best practices

d. Deploying to a Grid Environment

e. Migrating in to a Repository with VCS turned on

Module 6 : Informatica object roles and access

1. Users/User Account(presently logged in user)

2. Groups

3. Roles

4. Privileges

5. User Management (Create User/Change Password/Deleting User/Disable User Access/OS/LDAP Setup)

6. OS Profiles

Module 7 : Service management

a. Creation of Application services

b. Application services upgrade

Module 8 : Informatica admin routine activities :

1. Handling day to day informatica components migration tasks

2. Scheduling and Monitoring informatica repository backups

3. Review of informatica ETL design documents and working closely with development to ensure correct standards are followed

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