Hadoop Online Training

Course Syllabus

hadoop online training

Introduction to HADOOP

  1. Distributed computing , cloud computing
  2. Big data Basics and Need for Parallel Processing
  3. How Hadoop works ?
  4. Introduction to HDFS and Map Reduce

Hadoop Architecture Details

  1. Name Node
  2. Data Node
  3. Secondary Name Node
  4. Job Tracker
  5. Task Tracker
  6. Safe Mode , FS Image and Edit log details

HDFS ( Hadoop - Distributed File System)

  1. Hadoop Distributed file system , Background, GFS
  2. Data Replication
  3. Data Storage
  4. Data Retrieval
  5. Additional HDFS commands
  6. HDFS Upgrade steps
  7. NameNode Failure recovery steps and execution.
  8. HDFS - Java API for Interaction with FS.
  9. Node Decommissioning

MapReduce Programming

  1. MapReduce, Background
  2. Writing MapReduce Programs
  3. Writable and WritableComparable
  4. Input Format, Output Format
  5. Input Split and Block size
  6. Combiner
  7. Partitioner
  8. Number of Mappers and Reducers
  9. Counters

Map Reduce Algorithms and Exercises

  1. Sentiment Analysis using Facebook , Twitter and Youtube data
  2. Frequency Count example with variations of MR .
  3. Eclipse based development of end to end MR Job and Deployment.
  4. Sorting Data using Key value Data Type Lab
  5. Exercises- Martix , Partitioner, No Reduce, Distributed Cache Labs

Hadoop Streaming

  1. Introduction to Hadoop Streaming
  2. Streaming API details and use cases
  3. Python Based Example for Streaming API
  4. Exercise for Hadoop Streaming ( XML Files ) Based.
  5. Exercises on Ruby
  6. Exercise on C# using MS-Azure.

Apache Pig

  1. Installation and configuration
  2. Execution Types - Local , MR modes
  3. Grunt Shell - Configuration
  4. Pig Latin - Examples and code
  5. Data Processing using Pig Latin
  6. Loading and Storing Pig Functions
  7. Data Filtering
  8. Grouping & Joining Operations
  9. Hands on Exercises

Apache HBase Installation and Details

  1. HBase and NOSQL Introduction
  2. HBase Installation and Configuration.
  3. HBase and Java Based integration
  4. Hbase basic exercises

Apache Hive Instalaltion and Details

  1. Hive Installation on Single cluster Hadoop Node.
  2. Hive Services
  3. Hive Shell Description
  4. Meta store Details
  5. Hive QL Basics
  6. Working with Tables, Databases etc.
  7. Hive JDBC programming
  8. Hands on Exercises and Assignments

Introduction to Amazon Map Reduce (AWS-EMR)

  1. Hadoop using Amaozon Web Service
  2. AWS MapReduce and EC2
  3. AWS - S3 Service Model.
  4. AWS-MR Architecture.
  5. Streaming Exercise using EMR JobFlow.

Hadoop Infrastructure Planning

  1. Basic Hadoop hardware and software req
  2. Small , Medium and Large cluster
  3. Networking challenges in Hadoop Deployment
  4. Disaster Recovery ( DR ) in Hadoop .
  5. Performance Tuning a large cluster

Hadoop Industry Solutions

  1. EMC GreenPlum Introduction
  2. IBM BigInsight Details


People planning to move from Mainframe, SAP , ERP ,.NETdomain get specialized consultancy help to map there existing skillset and tune it as per Hadoop related job opportunities. We go with a end to end , 3 phase approach to cater to your need for not only helping you with training but also with interview preparation and later job support.

  1. Complete Hadoop and Eco system Training
  2. Live Interview Preparation with mock interviews
  3. Job support with coding help

Training Includes :

Live and offline training on Hadoop , Ecosystem projects 40 Hours of recorded live training. 40+ Hadoop fully solved exercises (pdf form) Red Hat OS based Virtual machine for Labs. 2 set of Certification help questions Sample Resumes for Admin and Developer skillsets

Support includes : Helping and guiding student on day to day work w.rt to Hadoop. Coding and Helping with design suggestion for Hadoop , Hive , Pig and other tasks. Helping with documentation as needed - Design doc, Testing doc etc. Coding any Java related stuff as part of Hadoop Work. Interview Preparation: Walk through of Real time case study covering all Hadoop related tasks and questions. Writing and Discussing your resume and accordingly assessing your competency level 3 Mock Interviews on HDFS , Map Reduce and Misc Hadoop Topics . Sharing 2 certification Question Set . Guiding how to do Hardware estimation, Software configuration , Map Reduce code deployment etc.

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