Hadoop Administration

Hadoop Administration online training

Course Syllabus

Course Duration: 1 Month

Hadoop Admin Training Course Content

Hadoop 1.x.x

1.Introduction to Hadoop

2.Parallel Computing vs. Distributed Computing

3.How to install Hadoop on your system

4.How to install Hadoop cluster on multiple machines

5.Hadoop daemons introduction:Name Node, Data Node, Job Tracker, Task Tracker

6.Exploring HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System)

7.Exploring Apache HDFS web UI

8.Name node architecture (FS Image, Replica placement)

9.Secondary Name node architecture

10.Data node architecture

YARN (Hadoop 2.x.x)

1.Introduction to YARN (Hadoop 2.x.x)

2.Hadoop 1 Vs. Hadoop 2

3.Hadoop 2 installation

4.Copy data from local file system to HDFS

5.Execute Hadoop job on YARN

6.Exploring HDFS/YARN/Job history UI

7.Hands-On Exercise

Map Reduce Architecture

a.Exploring Job Tracker/Task Tracker

b.How to run a Map-Reduce job

c.Exploring Mapper/Reducer/Combiner

d.Shuffle: Sort & Partition

e.Input/output formats

f. Exploring Apache Map Reduce web UI

Hadoop Developer Tasks

a.Hadoop Eclipse integration

b.Reading and writing data using Java

c.How to write a Map-Reduce Job

d.Mapper/Reducer in details

e.Searching in HDFS

f. Sorting in HDFS


a.Introduction to HBase

b.Installation of HBase on your system

c.Exploring HBase Master & Region servers

d.Exploring Zookeeper

e.Column Families and Qualifiers

f. Basic HBase shell commands.

g.Hands-On Exercise


a.Introduction to Hive

b.HBase vs. Hive

c.Installation of Hive on your system

d.HQL (Hive query language)

e.Basic Hive commands

f. Hands-On Exercise


a.Introduction to Pig

b.Installation of Pig on your system

c.Basic Pig commands

d.Hands-On Exercise


1.Introduction to Sqoop

2.Installation of Sqoop on your system

3.Import/Export data from RDBMS to HDFS

4.Import/Export data from RDBMS to HBase

5.Import/Export data from RDBMS to Hive

6.Hands-On Exercise

Mini Project / POC (Proof of Concept)

1.Facebook-Hive POC

2.Usages of Hadoop/Hive @ Facebook

3.Static & Dynamic partitioning

4.UDF (User defined functions)

5.Project use cases

6. Hands-On Exercise