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Etl testing qa online training in hyderabad


What is ETL?

ETL (Extract Transformation and Load)testing is different from Database testing or backend testing both in terms of complexity and scope and hence requires a different approach as against conventional testing.The methodology primarily aims at identifying and mitigating existing data defects and general errors occurring prior to processing of data for analytics and reporting.

The ETL Testing Methodology includes following steps:

  1. Understanding of data to be reported
  2. Understanding and review of data model
  3. Understanding and review of source to target mappings (transformations)
  4. Data Quality Assessment of Source data
  5. Packages testing
  6. Schema testing (source and target)
  7. Verify Data completeness
  8. Verification of transformation rules
  9. Comparison of sample data between source and target
  10. Checking of referential integrities and relations (primary key foreign key)
  11. Data Quality checks on target warehouse
  12. Performance tests


  1. Introduction to Database
  2. Simple Select Queries
  3. Create, Insert, update querie
  4. Alter queries, delete, drop, truncate queries
  5. Working with Arithmetic functions
  6. Working with Aggregate functions
  7. working with date functions
  8. Queries using Where clause, Having clause, group by and Order by
  9. Equi Joins, Inner Joins, non-equi joins
  10. Outer joins- left and right outer joins

Introduction to Dataware house

  1. ER Model
  2. Dimensional Model
  3. Dimension tables and Fact tables
  4. Star Schema
  5. Snow Flake Star Schema

Types of Dimensions

  1. Confirmed Dimension table
  2. Junk Dimension table
  3. Types of Fact tables
  4. Additive Facts
  5. Semi Additive Facts
  6. Non-Additive Facts
  7. Enterprise ware house schema
  8. Data marts
  9. Top to bottom approach
  10. Bottom to top approach
  11. ODS (Operational Data Source)
  12. Difference between OLTP and OLAP
  14. Data Slicing and Data dicing

ETL Testing

  1. ETL Testing-Data preparation
  2. ETL Testing-types
  3. Informatica (ETL Tool)-Importance and understanding
  4. Informatica Workflow Manager
  5. Informatica Workflow monitor
  6. ETL Working Examples
  7. Example1: Flat file to table
  8. Test cases for Example1
  9. Example2: table to table
  10. Test cases for Example2
  11. Example3: flat file to table with business rules
  12. Example4: table to table with business rules
  13. Example5: Multiple files to single target table with business rules
  14. Example6: Multiple tables to single target table with business rules
  15. SCD1 Testing
  16. SCD2 Testing
  17. SCD3 Testing

Quality Center-Introduction

  1. Requirements tab
  2. Test Plan tab
  3. Test Lab tab
  4. Defect tab
  5. Importing test cases from excel to Quality Center

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