Apache Spark Scala

Apache spark scala training

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Course Syllabus

Apache Spark Scala Training

Introduction to Big Data

What is Big Data

Challenges with Big Data

Batch Vs. Real Time Big Data Analytics

Introduction of Spark

What is Spark

Why Spark

Who Uses Spark

Brief History of Spark

Storage Layers for Spark

Unified Stack of Spark

Spark Core

Spark Sql

Spark Streaming



Spark Architecture explanation

Master Slave architecture

Spark Driver



Working with Spark in different Scala

How to use spark-shell

Practical examples on spark in Scala

Creating the Spark Context

Configuring Spark Context withSpark Conf

Caching Overview

Distributed Persistence

Combine scala and java seamlessly

Deploying Applications with spark-submit

Verify spark jobs in Spark Web UI


Building a Spark Project withmaven

Running Spark Project withmaven

Resilient Distributed Dataset (RDD)

What is RDD

Creating RDDs

RDD Operations



Lazy Evaluation

Passing Functions to Spark

Working with Key/Value Pairs

Creating Pair RDDs

Transformations on Pair RDDs


Grouping Data


Sorting Data

Data Partitioning

Determining an RDD's Partitioner


Loading and Saving Your data

File Format


Hadoop Input and Output Formats

Loading Data using RDD

Saving Data using RDD

MapReduce and Pair RDD Operations

Scala and Hadoop Integrations

Broad Cast and Accumulators
Introduction to Accumulators
Practical Examples on Accumulators
Creating Custom Accumulators
Broadcast variables
Introduction to Broadcast variables
Practical Examples on Broadcast variables
Optimizing Broadcasts
Apache Spark SQL
Hive and Spark SQL Architecture explanation
Working with Spark SQL DataFrames
Using Spark SQL Context
Practical examples on Spark SQL
Integrating hive and Spark SQL
Creating & Using SQL Hive Context
Hive Queries through Spark
Processing Text, JSON and Parquet Files using in Spark
Spark SQL Performance Tuning Options
Apache Spark Streaming
Spark Streaming Architecture explanation
Output Operations
Streaming UI explanation
Performance Considerations
Practical examples on Spark Streaming
Apache Spark Lib
Machine Learning Basics
Machine Learning Algorithms
Collaborative Filtering
Performance Considerations
Practical examples on Spark MLlib
Apache Storm
Introduction to Apache Storm
Apache Storm Architecture explanation
Practical Examples on Apache Storm
Apache Kafka
Introduction to Apache Kafka
Apache Kafka Architecture explanation
Practical Examples on Apache Kafka
Introduction of Scala
What is Scala?
Why Scala?
Advantages of Scala?
Using the Scala REPL(Read Evaluate print loop)
What is Type Inference
Interoperability between Scala and Java
Scala using Command Line
Installing Java & Scala
Interactive Scala
Writing Scala Scripts
Compiling Scala Programs
Basics of Scala
Defining Variables
Defining Functions
String Interpolation
IDE for Scala
Scala Type Less, Do More
Variable Declarations
Method Declarations
Type Inference
Reserved Words
Precedence Rules
Arrays, Lists, Ranges, Tuples
Expressions and Conditionals
If expressions
If-Else expressions
Match Expressions
For Loops
While Loops
Do-While Loops
Conditional Operators
Pattern Matching
Using try, catch, and finally Clauses
Functional Programming in Scala
What is Functional Programming?
Functional Literals and Closures
Tail Calls
Functional Data Structures
Implicit Function Parameters
Call by Name, Call by Value
Object-Oriented Programming in Scala
Class and Object Basics
Value Classes
Parent Types
Constructors in Scala
Fields in Classes
Extra Addon's
Hands on installation Spark and it's relative software's in your laptop.
Discussing about Spark & Scala interview questions daily base.
Resume preparation with Project's based on your experience